Семинар со Станиславом Пучковским (Sean Archer)

1 год назад
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9—10 сентября 2017 г. Литва, Вильнюс, Вильнюс
Erdve Menui (Организатор)
Workshop with Stanislav Puchkovsky (Sean Archer). In just one year, he went from an absolute beginner to internationally published professional photographer. Now he the most popular photographer at 500px.com, his works featured on covers of international photo magazines from all around the world. he is an Olympus ambassador in Russia, winner of Best of Russia contest and Adme Photo Awards. And he will share my experience and knowledge.
First day. Theory (3 hours + questions). Photography as an art, importance of being artist. Settings for photoshoot, understanding your gear. First important steps for every beginner. How to find your own style. Model direction, editing and marketing.
Photoshoot (3 hours). Work with natural light, posing.
Second day. Postwork (3 hours + questions) I found my own way in retouch, you will be surprised how simple it is. All you need to know is Photoshop basics (you can be an absolute beginner). I dont use frequency separations, masks and any complicated methods. It's really simple and very fast. Usually, it's only 10-30 minutes of work with one photo. And the result is good enough for covers!
I will show my method step by step. Composition (how to find the right crop), skin, hair, eyes, textures, color grading, crossprocessing and BW, of course. We will work with 2 photos (headshot and bodyshot).
Scott Kelby (the editor and publisher of Photoshop User Magazine) - "Awesome! Really great class. I learned a lot"
Derrick (pro photographer, US) "Just wanted to thank you for an amazing session today. My head is spinning with possibilities. Really enjoyed your approach and methodical explanation. Everything about this was incredibly valuable to me. So glad that someone with your success enjoys teaching and sharing their experience and expertise. Still feel that you provided more value than you charge! As a long time business owner I'm sensitive to outstanding customer service when I see it."
Mikkel Gabba (hobby photographer, Denmark) "Im very glad that I took your skype lesson. It was a big step up in my learning curve and you were just great in your teaching skills and advices all the way. The best money I've ever spent on photography and I really mean that"
Number of participants : 12 people
Price: 950 руб. (EUR 400) / person
*special price for gruop of 10 pers.
REGISTRATION: until 26 06 2017
- The organizer reserves the right to change the date of the seminar in advance by notifying the participants
- Registration of participation is confirmed upon payment of an advance payment of 50%. From the cost of the seminar
- The organizer reserves the right to cancel the seminar due to the insufficient number of participants, and if so the advance payment will be fully return at once.
- if you cancel the registration of participants, the advance payment is not refundable.
Check his work :

More information:
Email: erdvemenui@gmail.com
Mob.: +37060505994


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    • Саша Никифоренко
      Саша Никифоренко
      Надо было еще на китайском написать. Или на хинди
      860 рублей? Да ладно)))
      1 год назад
    • Александр Дорогун
      Главное стоимость в наших фантиках, а всё на инглише))
      1 год назад
      • Саша Никифоренко
        Саша Никифоренко
        Я думаю, что если полсостава Магнума приедет на семинар, то ценник будет и то гораздо ниже)
        1 год назад
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